About Pit

Squeeze us!

We are a User Experience Design agency from the Netherlands consisting of two creatives. Our passion for design and people got us into the business and keeps supplying us with fresh ideas.

During a collaboration with Pit we will always keep you inspired, surprised and feed you with new insights. Come to us with your sharp and edgy ideas!

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We love people

We don’t see people as target audiences or ‘users’. We see strong individuals who master their own life and experiences. Through this approach we are able to see and discover their true wishes and expectations. These form the fundament for our designs.

We observe people and design with them to make our apps fit perfectly.

Touch it

Think before you act, but act quickly. We believe in a flexible design process consisting of iterations; think, sketch, build, launch and keep improving.

We make ideas visual, tangible and clickable as soon as possible. We don’t like piles of documents that are not read by anyone, we prefer actions and results. Our tools are flexible as well. We choose the right tools for the right job instead of having a strict set we use every time.

Our beliefs

  • Interfaces should feel and act like human beings
  • Treat your customers with love and respect
  • Making things tangible and clickable as soon as possible
  • Web apps that make life easier
  • Design processes need to be flexible and iterative
  • Maintaining existing clients is more important than acquiring new ones
  • Gradual improvements are better than a complete redesign
  • Web apps are the future
  • Breaking conventions is for artists, innovate slowly
  • Test, test, test very often!
Joep van Leijsen

Joep van Leijsen

Pit's creative developer Joep specializes in Front-End Development with a strong sense for Interaction Design. He supports our design process with prototypes and he improves designs while developing them. Combine this with his skills as a conceptual thinker and you have an awesome all-round web app specialist.

Joep takes care of the balance within Pit. His calm and careful personality makes sure we focus on what is important. By asking the right questions he distills the core of the problem making it easier for the team to solve.

Being pretty tall you could say he has the helicopter view of what's going on within Pit. Though perfecting snippets of code or going through a design pixel by pixel Joep can also focus on details like no other.

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