My internship at Pit

“Pit: We make juicy web apps, apps that are easy and fun to use and your customers will love!” Having read these sentences, I decided to meet Pit. Why? Joep and Rowan love people, treat their customers well and try to make their life a little bit easier for those. At least; that’s what their website says. Those things convinced me to apply for an internship and I got it!

My daily activities at Pit vary from creating interaction designs, through writing usability reviews, testing prototypes with users, to front-end development on prototypes and end products. I’m developing for Pit itself, but I’m also involved in customer projects. Pit aims at enhancing the web, and creating better applications – which they test thoroughly. User testing is the core of my personal project at Pit. The advantage behind the digital products is the possibility to improve them while they are already in use, yet finding right people willing to test is a hassle. We try to build a solution to this – a platform where testers and companies looking for testers can come together. More on this soon!

My opinion on Pit? Great company with a laid-back atmosphere, two motivated, progressive men – experts in their field of study. Clients come first, but Rowan and Joep always stay in control of their own expertise.

Simon Rood

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The power of a head start!

We’ve all experienced those days when our ToDo list remains unchecked because of all the interruptions and little ‘chores’ that have to be done, immediately, now or right now!

Day after day we begin with fresh plans and new neat lists, but somehow we end up with unchecked boxes and a day filled to the limit.

Unfortunately I can’t give you an ultimate solution to this problem. I only know what works for me when I have to get things done: a head start.

It’s very simple: I prepare a list of tasks the way I normally would do and then I start my workday one hour earlier than initially planned. That’s it.

Does this save time? No, but there’s an enormous power hidden behind ‘being ahead of schedule’ and it keeps me motivated to get stuff done for the rest of the day. Just try it for yourself tomorrow, if your day at work begins at 9.30 start it at 8.30 and you’ll feel ‘the high’ of being ahead of schedule!


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Businesses on steroids

How often do business owners tend to think: “The company has to grow, if it doesn’t grow it’s not healthy. It has to happen quickly – the quicker, the better.” Everybody is busy growing their business as fast as possible. Businesses on steroids, that’s what we end up with.

Within five years from now we have to have doubled our revenue”, or: “in a year from now we will have hired more people”. Entrepreneurs come up with these kind of goals when laying out their business plans – they become obsessed with “more” & “growing bigger”. As a result they lose pleasure in their work, losing track of the vision they set out with.

Growth doesn’t necessary mean your company is healthy. Perhaps to the outside world it looks healthy, but taking growth hormones really isn’t the way nature intended it to happen.

At Pit we aren’t obsessed with growing bigger. Of course the numbers are important, but we see growing & growth as a means to an end. We focus on our vision, the creative process, the fun and the people we work with. This is what matters in the end.

We say: by all means grow, but grow naturally, slowly, and don’t set it as a goal upfront.

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Our logo in Logology 2

Yesterday I went to MOTI, together with my girlfriend. MOTI – Museum of The Image is a modern exhibition space in the center of Breda (former Graphic Design Museum). To put it shortly – to disadvantage for the museum – we found the museumshop to be far more interesting. But this post is not about the MOTI. It’s about an awesome book I found in their shop that truly made my day – Logology 2 by Victionary.

What i found there was our Pit logo!  Last year the guys at Something New told us that they we’re asked to enrich the aforementioned publication with some examples of their work. They decided to go for the Pit logo among other works they submitted.

It’s been a while since we spoke to guys at Something New and I completely forgot about it… until yesterday. So while flipping through pages of the Logology 2 at MOTI shop i stumbled upon our logo on page B-193!

Logology 2

Page B-193 featuring our logo

All credits go to the guys at Something New, thank you for designing such a beautiful logo for Pit!

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