The power of a head start!

We’ve all experienced those days when our ToDo list remains unchecked because of all the interruptions and little ‘chores’ that have to be done, immediately, now or right now!

Day after day we begin with fresh plans and new neat lists, but somehow we end up with unchecked boxes and a day filled to the limit.

Unfortunately I can’t give you an ultimate solution to this problem. I only know what works for me when I have to get things done: a head start.

It’s very simple: I prepare a list of tasks the way I normally would do and then I start my workday one hour earlier than initially planned. That’s it.

Does this save time? No, but there’s an enormous power hidden behind ‘being ahead of schedule’ and it keeps me motivated to get stuff done for the rest of the day. Just try it for yourself tomorrow, if your day at work begins at 9.30 start it at 8.30 and you’ll feel ‘the high’ of being ahead of schedule!


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