De 10 Stage geboden van Pit

Als oud studenten van de opleiding Communication & Multimedia Design hebben we afgelopen dinsdag onze ‘stage geboden’ gedeeld met de huidige derde jaars studenten. Deze presentatie duurde ongeveer tien minuten en de slides zijn hieronder te vinden.

Tip voor de studenten: bekijk deze slides nog eens tijdens je stage, wellicht komen ze dan nét van pas.

We wensen alle studenten veel succes met hun zoektocht naar een leuk bureau en hun stage die in februari van start zal gaan.

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TIP: Boost your bargaining skills cheaper!

Yesterday I discovered something useful that every business owner, a starter as well as an old hand, should try out – haggling at a flea market.

Quite often your clients want to negotiate an offer you made for them. This involves an advanced form of bargaining at a certain point.

You learn settling prices only by doing. It’s all about experience. The more often you do it, the better you get at it. So why not trying to boost your bargaining acumen at a 75 cents CD instead of risking hundreds or even thousands of euros signed in under your business agreement?

Here are a few useful tips before you head for a junk sale or get into a serious business bargaining:

  • Set the price you are willing to pay and stay focused on it, cause in the midst of haggling when emotions flare up you might forget easily how much money you planned to pay.
  • Improvise or prepare a set of arguments (at home or at the spot) you could use during bargaining with the seller.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away if you don’t like the product/price/attitude of a selling person.
  • Stay friendly – haggling should never develop into a fight.

So, the coming weekend find the nearest flea market and dare to haggle!

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Keynote apologies

“This is the first time I do this talk, so bare with me..” is the kind of sentence which a lot a different keynote speakers start off with these days and this something that is really starting to piss me off. Why this excuse upfront for a talk that might fail once or twice? Didn’t you prepare well or are you not self assured enough to be on stage?

Lately it feels like it is some trend to tell that your talk is still in ‘beta’. Every keynote speaker seems to start with some apology or excuse for a talk that’s either new or not well prepared. The reason behind this? Perhaps it’s an unconsious effort to lower expectations.

Personally I believe that it’s okay to make a mistake or two in a presentation and apologize for this during, but don’t make the apology upfront. Did the audience spend hundreds or maybe even thousands of euros on conference tickets to listen to people apologizing for a new or unprepared talk?

So to all speakers; being nonchalant on stage is not cool, we are hoping for quality, a good and well thought of story and not a talk that hasn’t surpassed it’s beta version yet.

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Website or web app: what’s the difference?

As a User Experience Design agency, we make web apps. Since UX is an uncultivated area and web apps are fairly new, we sometimes are having a hard time to explain what we do.

I notice people are familiar with websites but not yet with web apps. They all wonder: what’s the difference? Daniel Ritzenthaler from Wurkit makes this pretty clear in one of his Design Thoughts video’s.

I think Daniel’s last sentences is a good start to explain the difference between websites and web apps. So remember: a website is a collection of documents, while web apps perform some sort of value for you.

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