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About Blond Amsterdam

A new website for Blond Amsterdam

  • Extensive usability testing with the existing website

  • A new interaction design created by Pit

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After a loyal service of several years the Blond website had to be replaced with a newer and of course better website.¬†We we’re asked by Base 42 to join the team for the new Blond Amsterdam website. Our focus would be on the usability testing and a new interaction design.

Together with the team and Blond Amsterdam we decided that the old interface was a very good starting point since it wasn’t outdated or not usable. Therefore we started by running some extensive usability tests on the old website to define which elements should stay and which ones should go. The outcome of these tests where very positive and despite it’s unusual appearance users where able to handle it very well.

Pit took the outcome of the tests, our own expert review and Blond’s wishes and molded it into a new interaction design based on the existing interface. In this interaction design we improved essential elements like the shopping cart, the check-out process, error handling, search functionality and the browsing of products. We also assisted Blond in creating a new categorization for their products which we felt was necessary since it was based on their own in-store categories which are always clear for people who are new to the Blond Amsterdam brand.

A quick introduction to the rest of the team that made this beautiful website; visual design by Studio Zilt and Zwarte Koffie, flash development by Base 42 and back-end development by D-sign.

  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing

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Pricerange: from € 2.000,- till € 2.500,-

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