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Usability test with prototype
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The New Quantore Cartridge Selector

  • Quantore’s Cartridge Selector needed a complete functional and visual redesign

  • Pit upgraded it by making a new Interaction design, functional specification, visual design and prototype

Quantore is the largest stockholder and sales organisation of office equipment in the Benelux. They distribute thousands of different products, among of which are of course printer cartridges.

For finding and ordering the right cartridge Quantore developed a tool called the Cartridge Selector many years ago. Although it’s interface was outdated, the Cartridge Selector was still an important part of Quantore’s e-commerce package. But the tool needed an immediate update and therefore Quantore asked Pit to design the new Cartridge Selector.

We started from scratch by first talking to the users and running tests with the old Cartridge Selector to find out what was usable and what not. After this we thought of a feature list and the first design sketches brought it to life.

During our research we found out that ‘content is king’ when it comes to this tool. As second came ‘speed’, the pace at which people can find what they are looking for. We decided the tool should be simple and to the point, focusing only on displaying the adequate cartridges as quickly as possible. Keeping this in mind we went to the drawing table and created the first version of the new Cartridge Selector.

We took a good look at what we’ve done, together with the users. During tests it became obvious to us that people liked the new design and were able to use it without any major problems. After fixing a few details we wrote a document containing functional specifications for further development.

The new Cartridge Selector is a big step forward for Quantore and it’s members and a good example of how simple and usable a cartridge search engine should work and look like.

Client Quote

“We hired Pit because from the beginning they generated confidence in their professional approach and innovative thinking abilities. This choice proved to be right: Pit showed us that they are able to master highly data oriented web applications. Their approach and execution of things is very professional but also contains a flair of personal, informal attitude. The end result is of great value to our clients.”

Roland Folkers

Head of Trade Solutions Department

  • Research
  • Concept
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Other

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