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Creative session with staff and Mezz visitors
Creative session with staff and Mezz visitors
Mezz homepage, interaction design
Mezz homepage
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Join the music on

  • New online identity for Breda’s music temple

  • Post your concerts pics and videos on the Nagenieten pages

  • Smart Facebook integration creates a lot of buzz

  • A 25% increase in returning visitors since it's launch in October 2011

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MEZZ is the place to be for every music fan in the south of Holland. In 2011 MEZZ asked us to help them design and develop a new website for desktop and mobile.

To gather information on the wishes and needs of the MEZZ visitors and it’s staff Pit organized two creative sessions during which a lot of great ideas emerged. “We need something for the day after, the afterglow” was one of most frequently heard wishes.

With all this input we started designing their new online identity and with this created an unique experience in the Netherlands, Nagenieten, the online space where the concert visitors can prolong their musical pleasure after a great concert. So how does it work? Nagenieten gives  the concert visitors the possibility to create a setlist, rate the concert and add their pictures, videos and comments.

For smaller screens we’ve designed a separate website with a unique Home screen in which the program and Nagenieten come together in one beautiful scroll.

Although Pit took care of the whole project we couldn’t have done it without our partners Wim Reichardt (visual design) and Maarten Huppertz (back-end development).

  • Research
  • Concept
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Development

What would a similar project cost you?

Pricerange: from € 35.000,- till € 40.000,-

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