Slidespot Usability test
Slidespot Usability test
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Usability tests for

  • Usability tests of a fully developed application followed by the redesign of the slideshow creation tool

  • This case shows that applying usability tests can drastically improve a website

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Our colleagues at Strafwerk are currently developing a tool called Slidespot. Slidespot is to be the first Dutch online slideshow tool users can create beautiful slideshows with, using their pictures, in just a few clicks.

Strafwerk thought it was important to do a usability test before launch – they asked Pit to distill and solve any usability problems.

We started out by doing simple usability tests with the users. The most important problems were listed during the review process and passed on to the design phase.

The redesign of the interface begun with tackling the most important issues before moving to the smaller ones. The biggest challenge here was to improve the interface without changing it completely. Minor changes like rewriting a button label or moving it to a more obvious position (while also creating a more consistent interface) proved to be effective in solving Slidespot’s usability issues.

The Slidespot case is a great example of how simple and quick usability testing enables you to discover major and minor problems which you can quickly solve before launching.

Client Quote

“A very underrated branch within the design industry is still Usability Testing. But for Slidespot this has increased our conversion a lot, with relatively simple changes. Users finish the process more often and a lot quicker than they did before. Thanks to Pit’s simple designs and review documents, we could quickly and easily make the necessary improvements.”

Tim Koppers

Owner at Strafwerk

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  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing

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