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  • Omnigraffle stencils for Designers

  • Form elements, basic website elements and buttons in one package

  • We believe Wireframes should focus on content but also look attractive


Many of Pit’s projects involve loads of interaction design. That’s why it’s important to speed up our workflow. As a result we created many website elements in Omnigraffle we used quite often and would make a beautiful stencil.

Omnigraffle is an awesome tool we use mainly for wireframing, sketching and creating users flows and sitemaps. It’s simple and very fast! By creating stencils you can combine the elements you use often into a small library you can access at any time which saves your time.

We believe Wireframes should focus on content but also look attractive. Beautiful wireframes do not have to be confusing for clients as long as the design is plain and simple and is distinctively different than the end result. But a clear fact remains that a client is often more charmed by a decent looking wireframe than an ugly one. Therefore our stencils strike the balance between esthetics and content.

Our style is plain, neutral and uses colour only for notes. Its realistic appearance helps visual designers in making this last step to the final design.

You can simply download them using the button above. Our Stencils are continually evolving, so check our weblog once in a while for updates.

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  • Concept
  • Interaction Design
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